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Read the Bible in Hebrew

Following is a proven way to learn to read the Bible in Hebrew.

I remember the first time I read Genesis 22.2 in Hebrew. I thought that קח-נא "Take now" (your son) was incorrectly translated because I had seen נא several times already and it meant please not now. But I was brand new to reading in Hebrew and thought, "Who am I to challenge the translators?" Then I heard Dr. Danny Ben Gigi speak on this verse as an example of error in translation and realized I had been right! That was very encouraging and helped me keep going. The correct translation, "Please, take..." gives a whole different tone to the passage. God is not demanding that Abraham sacrifice his son Isaac, "Take now your son!" Instead, God is coming alongside Abraham, knowing the pain this will cause, putting His arm around his shoulder, and saying, "Please, take your son..."

There will be many times when reading Hebrew that God's Word comes alive to you in a way it never has before. It is said that many people know about the Bible, but few actually read it. By reading the Bible in Hebrew, you will be getting the original DNA of God's message of life for His people.

Read the Bible in Hebrew

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