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Videos about Torah, Israel, Songs, and Reading Hebrew, the DNA of the Bible
Videos about Torah, Israel, Songs, and Reading Hebrew, the DNA of the Bible


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Why You Should Buy a Home in Jerusalem--Our Story

Breaking Cuffs
Torah in 2 Minutes
Jesus is the Cure
Christian Bible Challenge
GO UP! Shrine of the Book
Man of Sin—Introduced by the Church?
Reggie White: Minister of Defense

13 Facts about Jerusalem
100 Years of the Technion
A Land of Living Prophecy
Forbidden Chapter, Isaiah 53
Former Israeli Commander: God Protected Us
Home (Israel)
I am Israel: Vineyard Prophecy
IDF: Now You Know Our Secret
Inside Jerusalem: Complete Director's Cut
Israel's 70th—Do You See the Miracle?
Israel's 70th—Hevenu Shalom Aleichem (We Brought Peace to You)
Jacob's Sheep Return to Bethlehem
Joy of Aliyah
The Magic of Israel
Meet the People
Messianics in Israel
Promise of the Vineyard

The Real History of Israel
Roddie Edmonds: American soldier who saved the lives of 200 Jews
Roots, Jerusalem U
Shema Yisroel
Tel Aviv--1934
Tommy Waller: Reconciliation between Jews and Christians
"West Bank"—Do Jews have a Right to Live There?
"West Bank"--Does Israel "Occupy" It? A Legal Perspective
"West Bank"—Israel's Critical Security Needs
“West Bank”—The Watchman with Mark Langan of AFSI

Aaronic Benediction by Joshua Aaron
Adon Olam
Al Kol Eleh (by Naomicensored)

Al Kol Eleh (auditorium with 12,000)
Avinu in Song
Avinu: Our Contract with God
Bashanah Haba'ah
Candlelight (Hanukkah)
Crown of Thorns
Ein Li Eretz Acheret
Ein Li Eretz Acheret with Israelis Singing
Eretz Eretz Eretz
Eretz Yisrael Yafa
Ha Tikvah
Ha Tikvah IDF version
Hanukkah Rock Opera by Aish in English
Kum ve'Hithalech ba'Aretz
Lecha Dodi
Les Mis: a Passover Medley in English by the Maccabeats
Ma Tovu - Danny Maseng
Ma Tovu - Debbie Friedman
Modeh Ani - Omer Adam
Nachamu Nachamu Ami
Od Lo Ahavti Dai (group dance)
Od Lo Ahavti Dai (street dance)
Passover Rock Opera by Aish in English

Passover Music Video by Aish in English
Psalm 91
Psalm 121
Psalm 122
Psalm 150
Salvation Poem--39 Languages
Salvation Poem--Hebrew
Shir Ahava
Srugim (Intro song for the TV series)
Sound of Silence (Maccabeats in English)
Tov L'hodot La'Adonai
Ushpizin Trailer
Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, Ofra Haza
Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, Shuli Natan
Yonina: Ahava
Yonina: Al Kol Eleh (lyrics in other versions at top)
Yonina: Movement (in English)
Yonina: Shir Shel Boker
Yonina: Rega Mechuvan

Yonina: Yerushalayim Shel Zahav


This is how Peter and Kellan became successful in reading Hebrew Torah.
Start with the TEXT Read Torah in Hebrew and the VIDEO How to Read Hebrew
then START WITH GENESIS / B'REISHEET and work your way through Torah.
Behind the Scenes: Watch Peter and Kellan Make a Hebrew Torah Video.
Watch Kellan at 10 reading and translating a chapter of Torah.
Did Jesus Speak Hebrew?
Hebrew "Who's on First?"
Also go to our Treasures page, click on Torah Portions, and scroll down.
You will find articles on the Torah portions and other subjects.

Do you want to join us for our First Day (Sunday) Hebrew Reading sessions, 8:00 am Pacific, 11:00 am Eastern.
To apply, email [email protected] if you would like to read with us.
Here is a sample Zoom session recorded 2-14-2021, Mishpatim. We are a one-room schoolhouse, with a variety of skills from reading the transliteration and English translation (1st grade) to reading and translating directly from the Hebrew (8th grade). You may be able to learn with us.

These classes begin with very basic Hebrew and gradually get more advanced.
After the Read Torah in Hebrew text and video above, start with 01 B'reisheet.

01 B'reisheet
02 Noach
03 Lech Lecha
04 Vayera
05 Chayei Sarah
06 Toldot
07 Vayetze
08 Vayishlach
09 Vayeshev
10 Miketz
11 Vayigash
12 Vayechi

13 Shemot
14 Va'eira
15 Bo
16 Beshalach
17 Yitro
18 Mishpatim
19 Terumah
20 Tetzaveh
21 Ki Tisa
22 Vayakhel--23 Pekudei

24 Vayikra
25 Tsav
25a Pesach I filmed in Israel
25b Pesach VII filmed in Israel
26 Shemini filmed in Israel
27 Tazria 28 Metzora
29 Acharei 30 Kedoshim
31 Emor
32 Behar 33 Bechukotai

34 Bamidbar
35 Naso
36 Beha'alotecha
37 Shlach
38 Korach
39 Chukat
40 Balak
41 Pinchas
42 Matot 43 Massei

44 Devarim
45 Va'etchanan
46 Eikev
47 Re'eh
48 Shoftim
49 Ki Teitzei
50 Ki Tavo
51 Nitzavim
52 Vayelech
53 Ha'azinu
54 V'zot Hab'rachah

How to Read Hebrew Starting Now
A 2-minute overview of why Torah is important
How Gentiles can fulfill prophecy in Jerusalem, filmed in May 2017
Psalm 40.8